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LIVE COURSE DATES: MAY 2, 2024 - May 23, 2024

• Live Classes with George and on-demand lessons

• Office hours, Study Groups

- Lifetime access to lessons and course material.

- Flexibility to complete the course anywhere in the world at your own pace.

- Access to our online community to facilitate learning, support, and building meaningful relationships.


You may be wondering

"Is GHL Astrology for me?"

Do you sense an inner calling deep within your psyche to navigate life with more purpose?

Do you desire self-sovereignty by harnessing your unique creativity?

Do you feel a deep connection to signs and omens?

Are you drawn to Astrology and resonate with George's unique teachings?

Do you want to reawaken your soul contract and activate your divine blueprint?

For the first time EVER you can

Learn From George

anywhere, Live & Online!

Over This Transformational 4 Week - 7 Session Course You'll Learn:

  • Ancient & Modern Astrology

  • Wisdom Passed Down to Me By The Bedouin's, monks, and mystics

  • Usages of Astrology

  • How To Unify Religion & Mysticism

  • Understanding The Astrological Chart

  • Planets, Signs, Houses, Oh My!

    • The Ancient & Modern Planets

    • The 12 signs and their ancient meanings

    • The 12 houses and their original meanings

  • Symbology and Archetypes

  • Modalities, Polarites, Rulership

  • How to Understand & Harness Free Will & Fate


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Hold the power to design your life

Empower Your Freedom

Gain the vision and wisdom to see the larger unfolding around you, from the outer to the inner, from the cosmic to the personal experience. Astrology grants you the power to step out of the cave and into the light, activating your divine authority.

This course will allow you to see and understand the light better because you can see and understand the darkness. We live in polarity consciousness after all, don't we?

You will complete this course with a much more in-depth understanding of how to read your chart. You will explore your innate strengths. And I will teach you how to navigate all personalities and situations.

Learning the language of astrology allows you to connect deep within the wellspring of the self, activating the greater authentic self.


Hear From Past Students

"Attending Lewis's workshop left me with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to the universe."

George Lewis's astrology workshop was truly transformative. With his profound insights and empowering guidance, he helped us tap into our intuition and embrace our true selves.Lewis's ability to connect with each participant individually and reveal their hidden strengths was remarkable.

He made astrology accessible to all, bridging the gap between complex concepts and everyday life. Attending Lewis's workshop left me with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to the universe.

I highly recommend his workshops for anyone seeking self-discovery and astrological insights.In conclusion, George Lewis's astrology workshop is an empowering and enlightening experience not to be missed.

Prepare to be amazed and inspired as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

- Benno Klandt

"George is not only knowledgeable but also deeply connected to the intricacies of soul contracts and the psyche."

George proved to be highly engaging, providing me with pertinent information about the changes occurring in my life. He offered the intuitive insight I was seeking, giving me that much-needed push in the right direction.

It's clear that George is not only knowledgeable but also deeply connected to the intricacies of soul contracts and the psyche.

He effortlessly delivers his expertise in a captivating manner.

I highly recommend George; he's definitely someone you'd want to have in your tribe, he is definetly in mine.

- Gail Webster Cht.

"George is a natural intuitive, as he had an extraordinary ability to deliver a few powerful messages."

George is a natural intuitive, as he had an extraordinary ability to deliver a few powerful messages to me by reading my chart.

Over the years I have had many astrology readings by various astrologers, however George’s gift and unique wisdom touched on parts of my life, especially family relationships that others had not expressed so accurately.

I very much appreciated George’s deep insights into the whole of my character honing in on my predominately watery nature, yet he focused in with his Aries energy my need to ignite my own inner fire, as I have Leo in my north node.

- Kristan Altimus


Learn The Art of Astrology

Module 1:
• Introduction

• Archetypes

• The (Un)Conscious

• Astrological Freedom

• Past, Present, Future

Module 2:

• The History of Astrology

• Usages of Astrology

• The Great Lie

• Ancient Astrology

• Celts, Greeks, Middle-East, African, Ancient China, Italy, India

Module 3:

• The Natal Chart

• The Big Three - Sun, Moon & Rising

• Planetary Movements & Retrograde

• Intro to Houses

Module 4:

The Zodiac Signs

• Overview of the 12 Zodiac

• The many dimensions of the Zodiac

Module 5:

Alchemy of the Signs

• Elements

• Modalities

• Polarities

• Constellation Anatomy

• Rulership

Module 6:

The Twelve Houses

• Their meanings
• House Keeping

The Astrological Planets

• The Role of Planets

• The Archetypes

Module 7:

• Final Review

• In Practice

• Closing & Continuance


Mark Your Calendars

*We are an international group so while I do my best to accommodate everyone, don't worry if you can't make certain times.

Classes will be recorded for anyone with scheduling conflicts and we will create local study groups in similar time zones wherever possible.



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6p-7:30p UK



1p-2:30p ET /

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1p-2:30p ET /

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1p-2:30p ET /

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1p-2:30p ET /

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1p-2:30p ET /

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1p-2:30p ET /

6p-7:30p UK


4.9/5 star reviews

A Special Package For You...

I don't want to leave you any reason not to join now,
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Here's what you get:

  • 7x Live Virtual Classes (1.5hrs each)
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  • Engaging assignments & embodiment exercises

  • Class WhatsApp

  • Curated Study Groups

  • Office Hours With George
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  • 6mo Access to George's Locals Community
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  • 50% off of 60minute reading w/ George
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  • 3 GHL Sound Healing Meditations
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Total Value = $1,350+

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"I'm so grateful I joined!"

"I'd wanted to deepen my understanding of Astrology and George took it places I never could have imagined."


George H. Lewis

George H. Lewis is an astrologer, artist, author, healer and international speaker, with a passion for raising the awareness of the collective and promoting healing and awakening through the mediums of astrology, art, and sound.

As an Archetypal Cosmologist, George uses your natal chart to unveil your purpose on this earth; revealing your soul contract and your past journey that has brought you to this point.

The idea is to maximize your potential and live a life rooted in wisdom and confidence, while understanding others through the lens of your soul’s mission by:

  • Connecting to your innate powers

  • Cultivating intuition

  • Reclaiming your soul's mission

  • Developing tools to navigate your path

  • Attracting the conditions to support your success


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Black Sheep

the awakeNING

light workers


life-long learners


the curious

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Join our international community of like-spirited humans. Get 6months of free access to my Locals Community where we carry on the conversation and I share my insights on current unfoldings and offer some exclusive bonus tools like sound healing, meditations, art and more.


Satisfaction guarantee

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I am here to serve and as such I'll do my all to support you on your path of growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the class days/times?

No worries, you will be given access to the recordings to watch when free. You will also get to complete the same assignments and send them to me for direct feedback.

What if I've already studied Astrology?

George's variation of Astrology is very unique, even when covering basic areas he pulls from wisdom passed to him from the Bedouin tribe, teachers and mentors, and from his intuitive channeling. This is not your ordinary class, expect to tap into a variety of influences and

What if I don't want to be a professional Astrologer?

It is all good loves, the training you experience will alchemize to support your greater unfolding exactly as it should. Sometimes this is gaining a greater understanding of how to step into your purpose and navigate life's challenges, sometimes it leads to a greater calling of helping others do the same. All uses are divinely perfect.

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Will I be able to review classes once they've passed?

You will have lifetime access to the course materials to review whenever you want- for refreshers or fully going through the course for a reboot.

What if I want to take the course with my partner?

I love the growth partnership! In order to get the most out of the class you should both sign up for the course separately. The class is about the individual journey so I look at each person's charts, set them up in the right study groups etc.

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